Food and Hospitality Services

Hospitality Training

A new line of work is developing in the food and hospitality sector with courses on food hygiene, insect and pest control, property and environmental maintenance.

These exciting developments are opening new opportunities for people in the food and hospitality sectors to access training and increase their skills.

Prescribed Burning Training

Prescribed Burning

A course Firebreak Services Ltd course aimed to assist gamekeepers, foresters and conservation workers with the safe use of fire in prescribed burning (Muirburn) operations.

It covers:

  • risk assessments
  • fire behaviour and fire effects
  • developing a fire prescription
  • burn planning
  • ignition patterns to limit fire intensity
  • burn day tasks
  • fire control equipment and contingency plans in case a fire escapes control.

Basic Wildfire Fighting

Basic Wildfire Fighting

A well established Lantra training course aimed at helping individuals control wildfires in heather, grass, woodland safely.

The course covers:

  • personal safety
  • fire behaviour
  • tools and tactics
  • rural fire groups and working with Fire and Rescue Services.

The course is aimed at everyone who works in rural areas, from all backgrounds.


Firebreak Services Ltd can assess a landscape to identify assets and values at risk, wildfire hazards and risks, review fire plans, fire maps, firefighting equipment and fire management skills.

Prescribed Burning

Firebreak Services Ltd can assist land managers with individual or area prescribed burn plans and give advice on appropriate fire regimes in relation to habitats and soils. This includes advice on ignition patterns to moderate fire intensity and the interpretation of fire danger rating information to choose appropriate weather conditions for burning.


Firebreak Services Ltd can review wildfire operations and conduct wildfire investigations to assist clients in an expert witness capacity.