Services Available

Firebreak Services offers a range of consultancy, project management and training services to a wide range of customers – all geared to give the customer what they want.

We are also a Lantra approved training provider able to deliver both conventional skills training and a wide range of e-learning skills training courses for the farming, food, and hospitality sectors.


Project Management

Skills development is often run as a project with external funding support. Firebreak Services Ltd can assist customers with the management of projects.

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Fire Danger Rating System

Getting information on potential fire behaviour in advance is vital for making timely preparations and planning. Fire Danger Rating Systems  provide useful broad area fire weather forecast information. Firebreak Services can tailor and interpret fire weather information for local conditions and also provide training and advice on the appropriate use of the information. Fire weather information, linked with an understanding of the seasonal condition of vegetation (fuels), helps the efficient and effective management of three key activities: Preparedness of both fire service and private sector wildfire suppression resources, Implementation of wildfire prevention programmes and media activity Muirburn and prescribed burning

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Firebreak Services Ltd can assess a landscape to identify assets and values at risk, wildfire hazards and risks, review fire plans, fire maps, firefighting equipment and fire management skills.

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The company can access the full range of Lantra training courses, as well as deliver fire management training to the land based sector.

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Hospitality Training

Food and Hospitality Services

A new line of work is developing in the food and hospitality sector with courses on food hygiene, insect and pest control, property and environmental maintenance. These exciting developments are opening new opportunities for people in the food and hospitality sectors to access training and increase their skills.

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