Lantra e-learning

Firebreak Services in partnership with Lantra Awards are offering a range of short online e-learning courses:


  • Learners have the freedom to learn at a time that suits them, and at a pace that is right for them.
  • Learners can access training in rural locations
  • E-learning reduces time away from work and the need to travel
  • E-learning reduces the cost of training, travel and accommodation
  • Learners can apply the new knowledge immediately
  • Learners get certificates quicker
  • Learners generally get improved scores on tests, certifications or other assessments

Introduction to Agricultural Vehicles

  • This course could be used for new starter inductions, new contractors or refresher for existing employees and contractors. This course will cover: legislation, driving, hitching, power take off shafts (PTO), workplace management, loading and unloading, stability and overturning, ATV’s and quad bikes, telescopic handlers, combine harvesters, trailers and implements.

Non-technical skills in farming

  • Over familiarity can often lead to complacency. This course illustrates how, by undertaking a straightforward, online course, your risk can be minimised, and more importantly, your farm can become a safer place to work. This course covers; what are non-technical skills, situation awareness, decision making and task management. 

Mental Health In Agriculture​

  • This short course in Mental Health in Agriculture is for anyone who knows someone, or are themselves, going through a tough time with depression. The course itself gives an overview of how people become depressed, how our brains interpret depression, how to self-soothe and actions we may take to help elevate the symptoms we face.

Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents 

  • This course is CRRU approved and is for anyone working within the rodent control industry or anyone who needs training in controlling rodents and using biocides. 

Rodent Control on Farms

  • This course is CRRU approved and designed for Farmers who already have some appreciation of rodents and applying biocides.

Professional Wasp and Bee Control 

  • This course includes, health and safety, hymenoptera, controls and treatments, legislation, honey bees, other species.

Professional Bed Bug Control

  • This course includes, health and safety, biocides, population, infestation, controls, commercial management. 

Health and Safety on Farms

  • This course explains the risks of working within an agricultural environment. Includes health & safety, working at height, manual handling, electricity, agricultural vehicles, livestock, diseases.

Litter Picking and Environmental Maintenance

  • This course covers; health and safety, workplace risks, cause and consequences, PPE, manual handling, signage, fire and electricity, COSHH, working at height, handling waste, working in low or poor light, working next to water, litter picking next to road and rail, sharps needles and hazardous waste, biosecurity, injurious and invasive species

Food Handling and Hygiene

  • This course covers the basic knowledge required to handle food and maintain hygiene standards. Contents include, food contamination, bacteria, temperature, food storage, hygiene, cleaning and pest control.